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Our next seasonal sampler gift box comes out for the Carnival season! Every seasonal Zen Box promises at least five (5) unique local goods that link to the story and energy of the respective season. Scroll down for more on our Carnival Fashion box. Shipping starts Feb 10!

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Build (2 Items or More) – OR – Buy a Box

Carnival Essentials Kit

Our seasonal gift boxes are curated in very limited numbers to ensure that we’re offering the greatest quality and value to our customers. Our boxes are always first available for pre-order. And this Carnival we’re doing something different — you can buy boxes with pre-selected items OR choose a vibe within your budget!

Choose your fashionable + functional vibe from the products listed to design your custom Carnival Boxes! And since we won’t have a Valentine’s Box this year, gift all your sweethearts suffering Carnival tabanca the ultimate Zen Box “Carnival Kit.” SELECT AT LEAST TWO (2) ITEMS to begin building your box OR buy a box! 

Printed HawtBonnet

Get the look (and hairstyle protection) of a head wrap with none of the work with this pre-tied turban! Receive a surprise selection from one of 5 versatile prints. 

TTD $135

Tie-Dye Tassel Earrings

This gem flows with you so it’s perfect wear for your Carnival gear. Mix and match with almost ANY outfit or costume, rinse, and repeat! 

TTD $95

Glow Body Oil

Get your glow on — literally and figuratively with this shimmer oil. ⁣Show up and shine at any fete, lime, or parade with this sun-kissed serum! (2 oz / 60 ml)

TTD $100

Earring Stud Pack

Polymer clay never looked so darn cute! These earring packs deliver fashionable versatility and variety. Stud it in style for your next fete! 

TTD $135

HOME T-Shirt

Literally carry home close to your heart and proudly rep the islands you so love with this custom HOME t-shirt in our national red, white and black! For MEN and WOMEN.

TTD $185

DIY Sugaring Kit

Need to touch up the bikini line, stomach, or underarms on the run? This travel-sized DIY sugaring kit makes it easy and is gentle on the skin! 

TTD $75

Imperial Prince Beard Oil

Make them bazodee with a soft and conditioned beard courtesy this fragranced beard and body oil that will make them come closer this Carnival! (4 oz / 120 ml)

TTD $110

Carnival Socks

We’re big fans of style and comfort when it comes to your 2023 Carnival partying — and these Moko Jumbie, Steelpan, Poui and Snow Cone socks check both boxes!

TTD $150

4-Piece Perfume Set

Don’t just let them see you but smell you coming this Carnival season. Rotate four fragrances and keep their noses on high alert!

TTD $70

Monstera Leaf Dangle

Polymer clay never looked so darn cute! This unique dangle delivers fashionable versatility and vibrancy. Dangle it in style for your next fete! 

TTD $125

4-Piece Cologne Set

Don’t just let them see you but smell you coming this Carnival season. Rotate four fragrances and keep their noses on high alert!

TTD $70

Pore Treatment Oil

No more shaving and chaffing in your cute costumes! This lightweight pore treatment soothes your pores and keeps you glowing while pahlancing. (Guys, this is for you too!)

TTD $45

Reversible Bucket Hat

Super stylish protection for reveling in the sun! With plain denim on one side and blue, black, or brown print on the other, you get two hats in one.

TTD $125

Bronze Goddess Shimmer Oil

Get your glow on — literally and figuratively with this shimmer oil. ⁣Show up and shine at any fete, lime, or parade with this sun-kissed serum! (4 oz / 120 ml)

TTD $130

Steelpan Trucker Hat

Make mas — and a lasting impression — in this limited edition black trucker hat featuring the unique gold steel drum or steelpan design. 

TTD $250

HIS Carnival Box

Kickstart your kit with these gossip-worthy scents and accessories from local artisans for the men! Shop HIS Carnival Box now. 

TTD $320

Dutty Wine

Get warmed up for your Carnival limes with this unique blend of Lay Lay Berry and Sorrel in this full-flavoured local wine. (150 ml)

TTD $35

HER Carnival Box

Kickstart your kit with these gossip-worthy scents and accessories from local artisans for the ladies! Shop HER Carnival Box now. 

TTD $260


Nothing says Trinbago more than repping the national colors with a drink in yuh hand! The LIME Carnival Box is for everyone. Shop Now.

TTD $210


These super stylish selections provide just the right protection for relaxing in the sun at your cool-down limes in Trini or sister isle.

TTD $160

Important Notice

Selections & Shopping

Read ALL product details CAREFULLY to make the best selections for you and/or your gift recipient.

Handmade Disclaimer: Please understand that all products are handmade, and although we offer several products of the same style or ingredients, some inconsistencies make each item slightly different from the next.

REMEMBER: You MUST select AT LEAST TWO (2) items for your Carnival Fashion Box order to be valid. Choose a vibe within your budget and build your custom Carnival Kit.

Let’s get you preened and prepped to part-ay! 


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Our seasonal boxes are curated in very LIMITED numbers. Pre-order or order now.

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Pre-order or shop now for our current seasonal gift box or reach out to us if your question isn’t addressed in the quick FAQ below. We’re here to ensure your sampler gifting experience is as zen (easy) as possible!

How do I order a Zen Box?

Pre-order or shop our current seasonal sampler gift box once it’s available for selection by clicking any Buy Now button or visiting our Shop page. 

What are my payment options?

Using WiPay Caribbean, we accept payment in TT and US dollars through credit card, cash, and online banking. See our “Product Description” for more details. 

Are my payments secure?

Yes, our site is SSL secured, verified by Visa, and secured by MasterCard SecureCode. Your credit card information is NEVER stored by us, anywhere. See our “Product Description” for more details.

What are my delivery options?

We ship via local courier, Ondego, for local deliveries and international orders. For local orders, you will pay for delivery costs via cash or card when your box is delivered or collected from your Ondego courier at your chosen location/landmark. Delivery or pick up costs are calculated depending on your delivery zone and communicated to you before your box is processed for delivery. For international orders, you will pay for Express Shipping when ordering your Zen Box. International shipments are completed through DHL. See our “Product Description” for more details.  

Do you offer cash on delivery?

Yes. Local customers wishing to pay for their Zen Box offline will pay their Ondego courier — via cash or card — for BOTH their box and delivery costs on delivery or pick up.

What are your return and exchange policy?

Since we are careful to ensure that your gift box is in the best shape when it arrives, all sales are final. If you encounter a damaged or defective individual product in your gift box, please email us at [email protected].

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“I’ve been using the Zen Box Love Box products for a little over two weeks and everything is AMAZING. I’m a huge fan of supporting local artisans, so I was really psyched up when I learnt that all the products were sourced locally. If you are looking for high quality, usable products the Zen Box would not disappoint.”

Carleen Irvine, USA

Received a Zen Box Love Box for an anniversary gift and was amazed by the contents! I recommend it for that injection peace, love, tenderness in your relationship!

David Richards, Trinidad & Tobago


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