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Our Subscription Boxes


Our seasonal subscription boxes are delivered on the 1st of February, June and September.

These beautifully packaged gifts are carefully curated with wellness and wholeness in mind. They contain hand-selected collections fit for any personality, lifestyle — and season. Just as the seasons cycle through periods of rest and renewal, our subscription gift boxes arrive with the reminder to translate Nature’s wisdom into practical daily habits that center and revive.



5-7 hand-selected items designed to elevate your thinking, feeling, and physical well-being. These items can include inspirational messages, journals, guided meditations, self-care checklists, candles, bath essentials, and much more.

  • Each item in your gift box is intended for the wholeness of Head, Heart, and Home and is a reminder of the love, beauty and abundance within and around you.
  • Items will cycle through a mosaic of flavors, scents, and themes depending on the season and country from which they are procured.

Membership to an uplifting and energetic community of empowered individuals. This includes a quarterly newsletter sharing inspiration for self-expansion, self-care, and growth.

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