Tie-Dye Tassel Earrings

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This gem flows with you so it’s the perfect wear for your Carnival gear. Mix and match with almost ANY outfit or costume, rinse, and repeat — literally! 

Product Details: 

  1. Earrings are made from 100% tie dye jersey material and jewelry wire with a clear stopper at the back.
  2. Earrings can be gently cleaned if dirty by holding the hook of the earring and placing ONLY the fabric in warm soapy water, swirling it around for approximately 5 minutes, then rinsing with clean water and hanging to dry.
  3. Earrings can be cut to the individual’s desired length. 
  4. Earrings can be made 3.5″ or 4″ long.

Handmade Disclaimer: Please understand that all products are handmade, and although we offer several products of the same style, some inconsistencies make each item look slightly different from the next.

REMEMBER: You MUST select AT LEAST 2 (TWO) items for your Carnival Fashion Box order to be valid. Choose at least ONE (1) other vibe within your budget and build your custom Carnival Fashion Box.

Let’s get you preened and prepped to part-ay!

Pre-orders CLOSE FEBRUARY 5!

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