Glow Oil (2 oz)

TTD $100.00

Get your glow on — literally and figuratively with this shimmer oil. ⁣Show up and shine at any fete, lime, or parade with this sun-kissed serum!

Product Details:

This glow oil is a combination of skin-loving oils and the prettiest gold pigment. It complements any skin tone and adds a light fragrance to the skin. Perfect for parties, carnivals or even a simple beach day!

Handmade Disclaimer: Please understand that all products are handmade, and although we offer several products with the same ingredients, some inconsistencies make exist from one item to the next.

REMEMBER: You MUST select AT LEAST 2 (TWO) items for your Carnival Fashion Box order to be valid. Choose at least ONE (1) other vibe within your budget and build your custom Carnival Fashion Box.

Let’s get you preened and prepped to part-ay!

Pre-orders CLOSE FEBRUARY 5!

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