DIY Sugaring Kit

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Need to touch up the bikini line, stomach, or underarms on the run? This travel-sized DIY sugaring kit makes it easy and is gentle on the skin! 

Product Details: 

This is an easy-to-use, at-home kit for days when it’s not possible to get to a professional. 

The paste is applied to clean, dry skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, the paste is then covered using the cotton strip. Once smoothed over, the edge of the strip is held firmly and removed in one quick motion in the direction of hair growth. Once complete, the area can be washed with water or wiped off with a wet wipe and the Pore Treatment is then applied. If the option utilized does not include the Pore Treatment, the user can apply any moisturizing skin cream or lotion but MUST protect the area by keeping it clean for at least 24hrs — 48hrs if the user has sensitive skin. 

Note: The final product may not look exactly like the photo.

Handmade Disclaimer: Please understand that all products are handmade, and although we offer several products with the same ingredients, some inconsistencies make exist from one item to the next.

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