COOL-DOWN Carnival Box

TTD $160.00

These super stylish selections provide just the right protection for relaxing in the sun — after the reveling is done! Wear to your cool-down parties and limes in Trini or on the sister isle. Options for the ladies AND men! 

Select from TWO (2) box options: 

  1. Reversible Bucket Hat + Pore Treatment Oil (15 ml)
  2. Printed HawtBonnet + Pore Treatment Oil (15 ml)

Receive a SURPRISE selection from one (1) of five (5) versatile prints: black and white, earth tones, flowers, bright abstract and dark abstract if choosing the printed hawtbonnet.

The reversible bucket hats are plain denim on one side with blue, black, or brown print on the other. Select your preference.

Let’s get you preened and prepped to part-ay!

Pre-orders CLOSE FEBRUARY 5!

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