Carnival Socks

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We’re big fans of style and comfort when it comes to your 2023 Carnival partying — and these Moko Jumbie, Steelpan, Poui and Snow Cone socks check both boxes!

Product Details: 

These limited nostalgic designs are a comfortable classic crew sock height that hits the mid-point of your lower leg. These lightweight socks offer a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with select cushioning with 20% spandex, 70% polyester, 10% cotton. US Sock Size 7-9 M and 10-13 L.

High Stretch and Ventilation: to fully display your Caribbean pride and style

Smooth Toe: to enhance your chipping technique 

Heel: To assist with wining down lower with more frequency 

Arch Mesh: Absorbs moisture to keep feet dry from paint, water, rum 

REMEMBER: You MUST select AT LEAST 2 (TWO) items for your Carnival Fashion Box order to be valid. Choose at least ONE (1) other vibe within your budget and build your custom Carnival Fashion Box.

Let’s get you preened and prepped to part-ay!

Pre-orders CLOSE FEBRUARY 5!

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